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About Us

The Fake News Blues Story!

What do you do when you’re 60 years old, you’ve battled Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for three years, your job has moved away - without you - and you have a family of five to support?

You start an e-Commerce business, of course! 

Our Founder and CEO is not very political, but he has a strong dislike of lies, hypocrisy, and double-talk.

And climate change denialism.

And science denialism.

And birtherism.

And alternative facts.

The list goes on...

He knew he was not alone so, he decided to do something about it. Something that would express his frustration, and yours, but have a little fun while he was at it.

Hence, the Fake News Blues Collection.

At Fake News Blues you’ll find humorous apparel and home goods conceived by our CEO and brought to life by talented artists and designers from around the world.

While the issues of the day have real, global ramifications, we must find ways to lighten the mood—and what better way than with humor? Art and humor have always been used to illustrate what we love and loathe about politics and often becomes collectible Americana.

The Fake News Blues collection is irreverent and whimsical, empowering you to express how you feel about the current, deplorable state of US politics.

Cotton tees that mock President Trump and highlight his hypocrisies.

A quote-filled cutting board that empowers you to chop your anger away.

Delightful coffee cups that are thought-provoking and make you smile.

A functional doormat to wipe, walk, and stamp your feet on.

Humor is a celebration of our freedom of speech. It is a form of expression, connection, and a means of resistance.

Our goal is to add a bit of joy to your day with clothing and home goods that delight you and make you think. Treat yourself or share our collection with friends and family!

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